Serious Sam: Next Encounter

When all you want after a bad day at work is to blast away at an army of aliens, then Serious Sam: Next Encounter could be the game for you. Just like the original PC/X-box title it doesn’t take itself too seriously, so don’t expect a deep narrative, rather a simple-to-grasp first person shooter (FPS). With levels themed around locales such as ancient Rome and Atlantis and thumping in-game rock music, you choose from four difficulty levels then trawl arenas picking up health, ammo and even bigger guns as you shoot away at the never-ending alien attackers. All this in an attempt to beat your last high-score and obtain that coveted gold medal.

If single player mode becomes dull, you and your friends can chose from the selection of goofy, silly-voiced characters and play a variety of multiplayer scenarios.

Nothing spectacular to look at, Serious Sam doesn’t offer anything new to the FPS genre, but if you’re looking for a game that allows you to indulge your passion for a solo kill fest or some deathmatch action with your mates then it’s diverting fun.