Recommendations from editors

“Keri is excellent at picking up an idea and then running with it. She has lots of ideas and is very creative but also the attention to detail required to ensure high quality work. Keri always meets deadlines and is thoroughly reliable and professional in her work. I have no hesitation in recommending her.” Anne Fitzsimons, The IET

“I have known Keri for many years, both professionally and personally. When the opportunity arose to hire her, I had absolutely no hesitations in doing so. She is highly focused on the task at hand, but isn’t afraid to suggest new and fresh ideas. This is especially true when it becomes clear that it won’t be possible to complete the commission in the way it was originally conceived. Keri has never missed a deadline. She always keeps her commissioning editors up to date with the progress of her work, as well as any issues she has run in to. The quality of her work is also extremely high, and she is more thoroughly capable of producing industry leading content on any subject within the IT industry.” – Ben Furfie, Arabian Computer News

“Keri has always delivered exceptional, interesting, and highly readable articles for our Journal, and has always met our deadlines. Highly recommended.” – Vanessa Hymas, IMIS chief executive

“I hired Keri to be the editor of Partner News, the IET’s binannual publication for its Business Partners, Academic Partners and other industry stakeholders, to make it more readable and interesting. Keri is a great editor, with a superb eye for detail. Her ability to turn even the most turgid of prose into engaging content made her a valuable asset. She is also an excellent copywriter and can turn her hand to any topic for any audience. Most importantly of all she always met deadlines, often beating them comfortably. I would have no hesitation in recommending her work.” Joe Jennings, The IET